Play Jackpot Slots Online

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What are Jackpot slots? 

As the name suggests, a Jackpot is a cash prize that features in many online casino games. The Jackpot builds up over a period of time until it is eventually won by a player. These cash prizes range from smaller but more frequent Daily Jackpots, to larger Jackpots that give players the chance to win huge cash prizes.

How do Jackpot slots work? 

Jackpot slots, or progressive slots, operate using a progressive jackpot, which means that the prize isn’t fixed and will increase every time a bet is made until it is won. While some games will pay out as soon as a certain threshold is reached, most are uncapped and Jackpots can, in theory, reach astronomical numbers. Once the Jackpot prize has been won and paid out, the Jackpot’s value will reset to the ‘seed’ amount and start all over again.

Jackpot slots vs regular slots

On the surface, the two seem very similar. However, there are some notable differences between Jackpot slots and regular online slots:


The main difference between the two slots is that Jackpot slots have a progressive payout, whereas regular slots have a maximum payout. Progressive payouts increase each  time the game is played and the Jackpot isn’t won, which can lead to potentially huge prizes with no ceiling. On the other hand, maximum payouts are capped at a certain level of your original stake.

Chances of winning

Jackpot slots are high-variance games that don’t pay out as frequently as regular slots, although they have much bigger payouts for lucky players that do manage to scoop the Jackpot. In comparison, regular slots pay out more often.

Types of Jackpots

There are several types of jackpot slots, including: 

  • Local jackpots - These jackpots have a prize pool formed from bets made by players at a particular casino. They can only be one by people registered to the particular local casino. 
  • Progressive jackpots - These jackpots offer prizes of millions, but they’re hard to win. This type of jackpot covers big networks and they grow each time a player bets. 
  • Fixed jackpots - These can also be known as cash pot jackpots, and they don’t change. They can be thought of as a feature in the game, and are not influenced by players’ bets. 
  • Multiple jackpots - Some slot games have multiple jackpots. These are additional jackpots that are triggered during bonus games, but some are triggered randomly. 
  • Network or pooled jackpots - These offer the biggest prizes. With these, each bet is made on a specific pooled jackpot game and contributes to the top prize.


Are jackpot slots worth it?

Whether or not Jackpot games are worth it depends on your play style and risk appetite as a player. Regular slots are best suited to players who play for fun and are happy with smaller but more frequent payouts. However, if you’re someone who is less risk averse and is comfortable playing with larger amounts of money, Jackpot slots are a high risk, high reward option with the potential for huge payouts.

Are online Jackpot games rigged?

No, online jackpot games are not rigged. Here at MirrorBingo, all of our online slot games use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of each spin. This ensures that the results are completely random every time. Each spin has the same chance of winning as the next and is not influenced by past results.

What triggers a Jackpot on a slot machine?

Online slots work in very much the same way as slot machines in regular casinos. The principle remains the same: match a payline, or set of symbols, to trigger a payout. With online Jackpot slots, however, these symbols are generated by random number generators, or RNGs, which use computer software to produce sequences entirely at random. If you match a sequence that triggers a Jackpot, the game will pay out any winnings automatically.

What are the odds of winning a Jackpot on slots? 

The odds of triggering a payout on a slot depends on its RTP, or return to player, house advantage and type of slot game you choose to play. House advantage varies from game to game, with regular slots having a lower one than Jackpot slots.