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With its simple rules and fast-paced games, it should come as no surprise that Blackjack is arguably the most popular card-based table game in any casino. It’s the same story in virtual casinos, where online Blackjack remains a crowd-pleaser and the go-to game for novices and experts alike. 

From classic to Atlantic, multi-hand and Vegas rules, we have every type of Blackjack game you could hope to find. So, take a seat at one of our virtual tables and experience the thrill of playing Blackjack online from the comfort of your own home.

What is online Blackjack?

Online Blackjack is the virtual version of the classic card game played at every casino. It works in exactly the same way as the original except, when you play Blackjack online, you’re playing against an AI dealer powered by a random number generator. If you prefer the thrills and atmosphere of traditional Blackjack, we also offer a number of live games where you can play with other players and live dealers via live stream.

Which Blackjack is best to play?

When you play Blackjack online, you have access to a number of different formats to choose from depending on your play preferences - a major advantage over regular casinos. These game formats all have their own house edges, RTPs and unique rules, so it’s worth getting familiar with them before you start playing:


Considered to be a game with a lower house edge than other casino games, the original Blackjack game remains the most popular among players, both online and in real casinos. The rules are relatively simple and easy to understand, with none of the intricacies of other variants.

Single Deck

Blackjack in its simplest form. Single Deck Blackjack was once considered the refuge of card counters, who were able to work out how many low and high point cards had been played as the game progressed. The main difference between single-deck and multi-deck blackjack lies in player strategy;  knowing when to hit, stand, or double down as there are more high-value cards to hit.

Atlantic City

As the name suggests, this format traces its origins back to the popular Mid-Atlantic casino resort. This format is played with up to 8 52-card decks which are shuffled after every game, and players can utilise several  player-friendly rules such as ‘Insurance’ and ‘Late Surrender’.

Vegas Strip

Named after Sin City where it originated, initially it was only possible to play this format in Las Vegas itself. Since then, the advent of online casinos has enabled players from all over the world to join the fun. Vegas Strip Blackjack is similar to Atlantic City, except it is played with 4 decks instead of 6 to 8.


Multi-hand Blackjack works the same way as a regular game, except you can play with multiple hands per round. The exact number of hands varies depending on the game, but it is usually between 3-5 hands. While this does potentially make for fast-paced rounds that are full of action, it does increase a player’s risk exposure.


In regular Blackjack, the dealer will not look at their ‘hole’ card until the end of the round. However, in European Blackjack, the dealer will take their hole card immediately upon all players at the table completing their hands. While making for potentially more exciting games, the no-hole-card rule slightly raises the edge in favour of the house.

Live Dealer

If you prefer the atmosphere of a casino, live dealer Blackjack tables are the closest thing available online to the real thing. Play and communicate with other real players and the dealer in an immersive experience that brings the buzz of the table to your home.


House Edge

Single Deck


Atlantic City




Vegas Strip


Live Dealer




Online Blackjack FAQs

What are online Blackjack games? 

Online Blackjack games are offered by internet casinos, or virtual casinos. Unlike traditional ‘brick and mortar’ casinos, casino websites are able to offer a much wider range of Blackjack games that allow you to play at home or while on-the-go. 

Is online Blackjack rigged?

No, online Blackjack games are not rigged. Under Section 85 and Section 89 of the Gambling Act 2005, any website that has a licence from The Gambling Commission is required to have the random number generators that their casino games use tested by independent regulatory bodies.

Is playing Blackjack online legal?

Yes. Online Blackjack games are legal in the UK and heavily regulated by the Gambling Commission. Before you play online, you should always check that the casino you’re using is licensed and registered with them